Jesse Hickman - Artist - 2021
Jesse Hickman, 2021. Photo credit: François Robert,

I am most successful on the days that I trust my intuition, I don’t overthink while working, and I step out of my own way.

Growing up, educated, and starting my career in Chicago, the influence of Outsider Artists has, from my start, been a part of my thinking and making.

Primarily, I work with used and discarded materials for my ground: used, burlap, raw coffee bean bags;  paper bags from ground roasted coffee beans; salvaged pallets and construction scraps for my work on wood. Scars, marks, folds, tears, seams, overpainting, erasures, visible joinery, drips, dents, and damage are evident and essential in most of my work. Titles come from random thoughts that drift through my head as I work, becoming an integral part of my process.

I live simply and I work daily.

JH 2021